Oh snaps.

Welcome to the internets. Where most of you spend countless hours during the week. We get paid to sit in front of the computer and pretend to do work, but really, we're finding out what Lindsay Lohan had for breakfast and googling awkward pictures of cats. Here's a toast (a blog toast because drinking is NOT allowed during work...) to all of you 40 hours a week craftsmen. Because let's be honest, we are all craftsmen. Do you know how hard it is to quickly exit a facebook browser?

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


So this was brought to my attention today

Cool crimped hair Zefron!  WOW MOM WOW.

Way better...

That's just fucking embarrassing.

Really?!  Geez.

Smittens for Lovers

Who wants to go halfsies on this?  No one?  Damn.

Yes, practice anywhere you can.

Of course.  I don't mind one bit...

Dubstep Dad

I like his singing helmet too.

On a side note. Deadmau5 really is amazing live. Everyone should go. 

Split Personality

I want to do this to my guest room when I'm older...here's today's dose of inspiration!

It's not funny

This girl gets knocked out cold - scary! Happy Birthday!

The joys of having children

Can't wait to laugh at my kids when they mispronounce words!

The youngest comedian

Ladies and Gentleman -
Zay Zay.  The future Chris Rock.  SO CUTE!

Scariest Photo Bomb EVER.

I wish!

Leap Year fun facts!

Are you ready for some fun facts?!  You never know if these will be on Jeopardy - so pay attention...

The last leap day was in 2008 - this is what we were listening to:

#1 Low by Flo Rida
#2 With You by Chris Brown
#3 Please Don't Stop the Music by Rihanna

The top Google Searches were

#1 Lyrics
#2 Myspace
#3 Yahoo

(now it's Facebook, YouTube and Google)

Leap Year Birthday Spotlight -
JA RULE.  He's 36 years old but has only celebrated 9 birthdays!

There's a weird Irish tradition that says women can propose on Leap Day.  The idea was to "balance" gender roles because Leap Day "balaces" out the calendar.  This has been around for 50 Leap Days!



Just because.

Happy Leap Year!

Here's a bunch of mumbo jumbo of why we have a leap year.  If you want to hurt your brain, go for it.

Too Soon?

Um yes. Definitely too soon. This card was released well before the death of Whitney Houston - but Target stores are now making a mad dash to pull this from it's shelves....

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Back to Back Champs

Amurica. No Big.

Slow Jam the News

Amazing. Just amazing. I would watch the news 10x more with this every night.


Your Essay.


Yankees in a Bathroom

Really? This is the ONLY white wall you can find in New York?

Ok, we get it

You won!  Geezus.

Free Pancake Day at IHOP!

Go get your free short stack of pancakes at IHOP today!  They're Free 99 yo'!

Tuesday Tunesday: Zeds Dead - Coffee Break

A classic with a dubstep twist. Not bad, not bad.

"What's in my mouth?"

Remind me to never have someone video tape when I get my wisdom teeth out...

He Fits. He Sits.

Limber little fella.


This cannot be Katy Perry...I don't believe it...

The First Photo Shoot

The one and only Lady Gaga.  "Great" pics girl!

Great dick, bro!

That's how you get votes - especially when these are hung above urinals...

You can buy Jeremy Lin's underwear

But please please don't.  Here's the description:

"My brothers friend went to Harvard and was in the same dorm, got his boxers from the dryer on accident. Got them from him for $100 because hes stupid. Buy now and these could be worth alot in the future."

Sophia Grace and Rosie go to Disneyland!

No need to explain their videos anymore - just know you will love it.

Oh, and they wrote a rap about it of course...

Twitter Bird

Fun fact for the day:

The twitter bird is now officially named Larry. Apparently after Larry Bird, who played for the Twitter co-founders home-state team, the Boston Celtics (booo).

Monday, February 27, 2012

No no no no

Here's a tutorial of how to do the Bump n' Grind.  Oh dear god.

Drunk Monkeys

Did you know Monkeys could be Alcholics?

Hilary Swank's Neck

"Looks familiar." - Every Lesbian.

Putting this up in every restroom

It's just SO TRUE.

Dear Creep,

I found the guitar you've been looking for.

Brian's fucking smart.

Now THIS is how you pass a stupid chemistry test...

Movie: The Movie

Best. Movie. Ever.
[only because every actor is in it...]

Facebook ID cards

I have NO idea why anyone would ever want one of these - it's another way for Facebook to OWN all of us.  Yes, a Facebook identification card.  What does it do?  Well it allows for people to do an internet background check with a simple scan.  GROSS...

These will first be distributed in Germany starting in March.

A True Fan

Even when the little guy stabs himself in the eye - it doesn't stop him from cheering his favorite team on.  Go team!

Twilight Themed Engagement Pics

Well we know who wears the pants in this relationship.  No guy would EVER agree to do this!

Wait a second...

That looks weird...
Such a tan tummy....

It's always about the food

I'm loving Academy Award winner Octavia Spencer right now.  Why?  When asked what the best part of her win was, she responded that it was the In-N-Out burgers at the Vanity Fair party.  I would think the same thing...

PS Thank you for the news Joan Hastings!

Do ask and Do tell

We certainly have come a long way.  A Marine's homecoming kiss.  Let love in!

Oscars 2012

Only two things come to mind - Jennifer Lopez's nipple and Angelina Jolie's leg.

Hot damn.  Did you see?!  J.Lo's nipple was totally showing (or maybe it was just a shadow...).  Either way, shit blew up on Twitter.  And Angelina Jolie's leg was the also the talk of the town - too bad she looks like she needs to eat a burger.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Awesome variety.

Hotness comes in all shapes and sizes eh?

I absolutely hate terrible tippers

I've never been in the service industry, but I still know the importance of a good tip.  This guy is an asshole and the karma police is for sure going after him...

New Beatles Photos Found!

Here are some never before seen photos of the Beatles hanging out at a hotel in 1963, months before they blew up and became The Beatles.  Here's your inspiration for the day.

You can buy the photos from this guy - auctioneer Paul Fairweather (From the UK).  I have a feeling it will cost you though...