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Welcome to the internets. Where most of you spend countless hours during the week. We get paid to sit in front of the computer and pretend to do work, but really, we're finding out what Lindsay Lohan had for breakfast and googling awkward pictures of cats. Here's a toast (a blog toast because drinking is NOT allowed during work...) to all of you 40 hours a week craftsmen. Because let's be honest, we are all craftsmen. Do you know how hard it is to quickly exit a facebook browser?

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

10 AM Clubbin'

Who goes clubbing at 10am?  Apparently my friends do!  This past weekend, I went up to San Francisco for Thanksgiving.  I’ve been before, but never like this.  We decided to have a Friendsgiving dinner but it just ended up being a drink fest.  I hung out with my friends from college.  Oh college – the days when you drank all day every day and you didn’t have to worry about a job, paying the bills, the annoying ex.  Everything was great in college.  Sigh…

Anyways, thanks to some new friends (cough cough SALLY cough cough), my trip was pretty great.  The best part – my friend KJ told us he wanted to take us to brunch before we left on Sunday.  We had a big drive ahead of us to head back to LA, so we made sure we woke up early.  I offered to drive, but KJ was convinced that we might be too drunk to drive back.  I was very confused by this. 

On the way to the brunch place, he asks me what I want.  I told him I wanted some old school biscuits and gravy and some shitty diner coffee.  He just laughed out loud.  Looks like I’m about to find out why…

We walk into this brunch place and the MUSIC IS BLARING.  People are dancing everywhere.  Everyone looks like they’re at a club or better – just getting home from a club.  There is a live DJ and a professional photographer taking pictures of everyone.  I looked at KJ and said, “Umm…I wasn’t aware we were going clubbing.”  He just laughed hysterically.  If you can see the expression on everyone else’s face – our jaws were just dropped.

During our 45 minute wait for a table, we were drinking bottomless mimosas and watching people dance.  Mind you, this was at 10 AM.  By the time we got to our table, we were all a little tipsy and ready to dance.  We ordered our food (I got huevos rancheros!) and had more bottomless mimosas than I could count. 
THEN…it happened.  “Teach me how to dougie” came on and all of a sudden the ENTIRE restaurant started dancing.  It was like a scene from a musical – if there was a musical filled with attractive hipsters all learning the Dougie.  If you know me, then you know that I have been carefully trying to learn how to Dougie since I’ve been in LA.  And here is where I saw it done for the first time.  Others have tried to show me their version, but they were missing the swag these 10 am clubgoers had.  I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT. 

So you’re probably wondering where this brunch heaven is…it’s called LIME and it’s in the Castro in SF.  The best time to go?  Brunch on the weekends.  But don’t expect your typical senior citizen discount.  Dress to impress and whip your hair back and forth.  The best part?  When we were leaving, it was still bright as shit out and we saw a group of VERY drunk girls stumbling out.  I LOVE SAN FRANCISCO.

Overheard...in a text (take 2)

Received this text today:

"I can't find u on the internet!" 



Seriously-watch this video and then go to his website...HILARIOUS!


Funky Tuesday

I dare you to listen to this without getting up from that ergonomical desk chair to dance. It's not possible. You'll be feelin funky and groovin' like it's Friday Night.

Take a listen and remember to enjoy your day. Even though it's only Tuesday Morning and we've got 3 1/2 LOONNNGGG work days ahead of us, remember: The weekend is comin', my babies. Let James Brown help you get there.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Fedora Conundrum

What's up with all of the fedoras I've been seeing?  Seriously, they're everywhere.  I received THIS LINK from a good friend in which she requested I blog about it.  It's pretty good.  Remember when bucket hats were popular?  That's what's going to happen to fedoras.  So unless you're Justin Timberlake, please re-consider.  Some people can pull it off, but most just think they can pull it off.  Just like bucket hats weren't for everyone (I wanted one so bad growing up), neither are fedoras, kangol hats, suspenders and skinny jeans.  Calm down people.

Overheard in the Office (Take 7)

"Oh god. I haven't done any work. I'm screwed." (3:30PM)


Justin Bieber got a haircut. 

Lookin' good girl!


In honor of Apple Cup (The University of Washington Huskies vs. The Washington State Losers...errr I mean Cougars), Corey and I will be counting down the days until we make the Cougs bleed purple.  The big game is this Saturday and if you're in the LA area, and are supporting the HUSKIES, come meet up with me and Corey at Sharkeez for the festivities.  Oh and if you have any questions, please refer to any employee at McDonald's or the guy bagging your groceries.  Chances are, they're a Coug. On to the Bowl!

Overheard...in a text (take 1)

I just got a text from a friend from the University of Washington.

"Sitting in my Mass Com class and we're watching a documentary you're in."


To see the documentary, click HERE.  It's gotten praised at a couple of film festivals (including Seattle's!). Oh and Dan Savage is in it, so that's pretty rad.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

In your face TSA!

A woman flying from Los Angeles has managed to play TSA's game.  I'm sure you guys have heard about all of these "full body scans" and "aggressive pat downs" when going to the airport.  The woman in the below video has decided to one-up TSA and wear a bikini through security.  Her reasoning - she doesn't want a full body search, so she might as well just show everything she's got - literally.

This is just plain ridiculous.  What happened to the 4th amendment?  Since when is it legal to molest people?!  As someone who is flying home in a few weeks, I'm hoping there's a little wiggle room with the airport security.  I haven't heard of any of my friends getting intensely searched, but I'm sure it's going to happen to me.  This type of shit always happens to me.  Watch the video below to see the lady in the itty bitty bikini.  Fuck you TSA!!!

View more news videos at: http://www.nbclosangeles.com/video.


What are you thankful for?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Know What I'm Having for Thanksgiving!

YUMMM-TurBaconEpic! (A bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a pig)

Bon Appetit!


Here's a solution!  Wear some jorts over jeans!  

Overheard in the office (take 7)

It's snowing hardcore in Seattle.  I asked Jackie if she was at work because of the snow.  She sells wreaths.

Jackie:    heavens yes cocoa tis the season for wreaths, the weather cannot halt the swag time.
  just a day in the lyfe of my cube

Alabama Karaoke

100 Dolla Bills Ya'll

Overheard in the Office (Take 6)

"Hey Corey, is this the extension cord you were talking about?"
::turn to look::
See my coworker's white ass mooning me in the doorway.

It's Miley Day!

Our beloved Miley Cyrus officially turns 18 today!  Get your boners ready!

 [It's ok!  You can look at this now!!]

I don't know why, but this picture makes me laugh.  WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!!  HB Miley!  Hope it's filled with lots of grown up things!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Teach me how to dougie.

Seriously. Teach me how to dougie. I've seen it done a million different ways. And NO ONE KNOWS THE REAL WAY TO DOUGIE. Please teach me. This is a life goal of mine.

Dear Mercado,

Thanks for your weekend food update. It seems like we all had a pretty heavy-eating couple of days. That's what the weekend'll do to ya, I supposed. However, I think you forgot something on your list:

Yeah, you did eat that tortilla with cream cheese and turkey before we went out. It sure looked good....



Have you ever been so excited to eat breakfast that you arise early from your Saturday-night hangover, kick your friends to wake them up and drag everyone to the car to drive to Koreatown
for the most perfect eggs and fried rice? Well, I have. And if you have ever experienced breakfast at the House of Breakfast, then you would too.

House of Breakfast is so good that it will make you praise the heavens for it's food, just like Mercado is doing above. They specialize in greasy, diner-type breakfast with a special Asian flair. Eggs over easy are cooked to perfection and you can substitute hash-browns for a delicious batch of fried rice. But don't substitute, get the hash browns AND the fried rice. Trust me. Say you don't want the traditional bacon or sausage on the side? That's ok, opt for the teriyaki chicken with your eggs. You won't be disappointed.

This place is a Los Angeles gem. The Asian Owner is a down-ass homegirl who gets shit done. She moves people in and out of this place with the utmost efficiency. And she won't take any of your crap, you'll be seated when you're seated and your food will come when it comes. Until then, you enjoy the authentic ambiance of the place, the King Arthur/Lancelot decor and all. If your lucky, there will be a woman in the corner selling Mary-Kay makeup products.

There is one downside to H.O.B., and you can hardly call it a downside since this place is next to perfect. But if you go with a larger group, we went with 5, you're going to have to wait. And I mean...wait. Not a fun 15 minute wait where everyone discusses what you're
going to order while recapping the previous night only to get seated in just enough time to order a coffee and feel good about yourself. This is a wait in which you walk to the ATM (H.O.B. is CASH ONLY), talk endlessly about how hungry you are, bother the hostess more than a few times, watch Mercado dance to strange music coming from cars in the parking lot, update facebook from your iPhone 100x while sitting on your car and realize that you are incredibly hungover after all. The place is so small that there are only 2 booths that can accommodate parties of 3 or more. Mercado and I discussed a new possible business venture if the blog doesn't take off: expanding House of Breakfast. This place needs to be bigger. As much as I would like to keep H.O.B. fairly unknown as a favor to myself, the world needs to know. Anyone up for funding this operation? There will be free fried rice involved.

BUT-wait aside, it's 100% worth it. I would have waited 2 more hours just to get into House of Breakfast. Hell, I might have waited all day.

If you're in the neighborhood, you must make the trip to House of Breakfast. You won't regret it!

Crazy Kiddies

What is the deal with the young pop stars getting younger and younger.  First you have that Justin Bieber girl who was only 15 when he came out [...of the closet...jk], then the AMAZING Willow Smith.  At 9 years old, and as Will Smith's daughter, I am not ashamed to say that I look up to Willow.  I can watch her performance on Ellen all day every day.  But now...we have another one.  His name is MattyB and he's 7 years old and if you watch the video below, you will want to pro-create little MattyBs like right now.  Gughhhhh.  How are kids so talented?  Are they rehearsing in the womb or what? 

Fatty McFatterson

[Justin Bieber in the Fatbooth]

The weekends are always nice.  It’s a time to get away from work, sleep in, and of course EAT SO MUCH FUCKING RANDOM FOOD.  I find my weekends here in LA to be filled with a lot of drinking and even more dining.  I ate so much food this weekend that I almost want to throw in the towel for Thanksgiving (but I probably won’t because I’m FATTY McFatterson). 

Friday night started off with dinner at my friend’s new work – GOOD GIRL DINETTE.  Nestled in Highland Park, the restaurant was a casual little place, perfect for a laid-back dinner.  The food can only be described as “Asian Diner” food.  Does that even make sense?  It was classy, delicious and a pretty big bang for your buck.  I got the spring rolls to start off with and the Vegetarian pho.  For dessert, I had the bread pudding (I usually don’t like dessert, but I ate this so fast…I couldn’t stop).  My friends had a curry dish and a Panini that was more reminiscent of a Bahn Mi sandwich.  All in all, it was DELICIOUS.  There were 2 favorite parts about this restaurant:  First off, you got to bring your own beer.  I like places where you’re allowed to do this because then you KNOW for a fact you’re not getting suckered into paying $8 for a beer that you know costs close a dollar. Secondly, there’s a really HOT girl that works there.  I’m hoping she reads this and it makes her nervous for about 2 seconds because that’s how I felt during the whole dinner.  Yup.  Anyways-goes there.  It’s definitely worth the drive!

 [Homos that eat dinner]

Saturday night was a little cray cray.  I still had MORE loads of laundry to do, so Corey was gracious enough to let me do laundry at her house.  We decided to be lazy and set up my projector (best purchase ever made in my lifetime…), watch some girly rom coms and order some Chinese food.  Great Saturday.  We ended up ordering from this place called SZECHWANwhich I later found out people liked to call it SKETCHwan because of some history of food poisoning.  As someone pointed out, “It’s like a game.  You don’t know if you’ll get sick, it’s kind of funny”.  So needless to say I was a little worried (and so was my tummy) about this restaurant.  Word of advice – don’t order food when you’re SUPER HUNGRY.  Have a little snack, give it a minute and decide the proper portions to order.  What happens when you order when you’re STARVING?  You end up ordering $52 of Chinese food.  52 Dollars!!!!  Who does this?  We ended up having a ton of leftovers (DUH).  It was pretty good but I definitely won’t be spending that much money on some place nicknamed “SKETCHwan.”

Saturday night was spent at a club night at the ECHOPLEX called “Bootie Mashup”.  They basically mash up a genre of music with top 40.  Saturday’s mash up was with 80’s music.  It was amazing!  Maybe because I was super loaded, but mostly because I haven’t found any good dance nights yet (minus Mustache Mondays).  I will definitely be back for me.  So what happens when you’re drunk at 3 in the morning?  YOU EAT!  As soon as I left the bar, I encountered a little something called a Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog.  Ughh…Deadly…but so…delicious.  Then because we couldn’t hail a cab (too drunk to know what was going on), we decided to go to a place called THE BRITE SPOT.  Note to self – don’t ever go here again.  Another note to self – don’t ever order meatloaf.  EVER.  The following picture is what I got.  It looked like they warmed up a $1 tv dinner and instead of meatloaf, I got a Salisbury steak.  Ugh.  I had a rock in my stomach when I woke up the next morning.  


Speaking of the next morning, we finally went to THE HOUSE OF BREAKFAST.   But more on that later…

Just to recap, let’s see everything I ate this weekend:
-  Good Girl Dinette:  Spring Rolls, Vegetarian Pho, Bread Pudding
-  Szechwan:  Fried Rice, Garlic Shrip, Kung Pao Chicken, Egg Drop Noodle Soup, Chow Mein
-  Echoplex:  Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog and a bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos
-  The Brite Spot:  Meatloaf aka Salisbury Steak, Baby Food Mashed Potatoes, cold vegetables
-  House of Breakfast:  2 Eggs, Sausage Patty, Fried Rice, Hash Browns, Toast
-  Dinner at my house:  20 Dinasaur Chicken Nuggets.  I kid you not.

WOW.  Enough to feed a village.  Oh perfect, it’s Thanksgiving this week.

Friday, November 19, 2010


One big happy family

Ready for a dad joke?

It looks like Facebook and Myspace have been watching a little too much Glee because today they decided to do a mashup!  -Hold the applause-

That’s right kiddos, Myspace (do you even remember what myspace is?  I don’t even remember my log in information…) has decided to join forces with Facebook and incorporate the two sites for a social media match made in heaven.  As you know, when Facebook blew up, Myspace was left with nothing – besides Tila Tequila who probably still updates her Myspace background everyday…

According to some nerd alerts, the mashup is basically a connection with the two sites.  Myspace will still be Myspace but with Facebook elements – like the “likes” and “interests” to personalize one’s entertainment content.  Basically, they are taking from each other what they lack.  Facebook is the social media network to connect with friends, Myspace is the music and movies site…now content is shared between the two sites. 

Well, I guess it time to shine up the ol’ Myspace site and get back to business.  NOT.  Let’s be honest, this is such crap.  No one is going to use Myspace again.  It sounds like a waste of money for Myspace but a cha-ching for Facebook.

Oh snaps Myspace!  You just got punk’d!!!

 If you’re still confused, watch this video!

Mashup your Facebook Likes on Myspace

Myspace | Myspace Video

Overheard in the Office (Take 5)

erin(1:01pm): i have a fun dip
erin(1:01pm): how fun is that



Thursday, November 18, 2010

Laundry Day

We all know how hard it can be to get the laundry done. Especially in college... a time when mom is no longer around to separate your whites and darks, a time when quarters became of the utmost importance.

But we're older now, we've come to learn the laundry ways. The importance of clean underwear and washed jeans. Well, some of us.

As you may have previously read, Mercado and I had a little dinner party/glee watching/laundry night at my parents house. We used to get excited when parents went out of town..that meant PARTY TIME and lots of under-aged drinking. Now we sit around, eating free food, doing laundry and watching lame television.

Mercado walked in with a laundry basket that was larger than normal. Not just gigantic in size, but impressively packed with TONS of clothing items. She also walked in wearing this shirt:

That is a Twilight Eclipse shirt. Here are a few things wrong with this situation:

1. She owns this shirt. Lord knows why, but she OWNS it. At one point, she paid MONEY for this.
2. She is wearing this shirt. She has consciously put this shirt on and walked out of the house with it on.
3..and this is the big one...She has NOT DONE LAUNDRY IN 6 WEEKS...NOT SINCE she has moved to LA from Seattle. This is why she is wearing this particularly awful shirt. Because she literally had NOTHING ELSE to wear.

Ladies and Gentleman, yesterday I learned something new about our friend, Mercado: She has enough clothing to sustain 6 weeks of non-washing. Even if that clothing is a Twilight Vampire shirt.

Embarassing things people say (Take 1)

Mercado:  I mean, WE SHOULD BE SO LUCKY to witness such a great talent.  Her kind of talent only comes once a generation.  She could have ended up just singing in her shower her whole life!  And we would have never known!  We would have never known how amazing she is!!!

--passionately talking about Glee star Lea Michele

[I was REALLY embarrassed after realizing what I had just said...]


It's no secret that I love rice.  I love rice because I am Asian.  Asians eat rice like white people eat potatoes.  We can eat if for days!  And for every meal! 

Last night Corey invited me to her house for dinner.  She told me she makes the BEST fried rice ever. As an Asian, I was very skeptical.  Who does this white girl think she is?! I knew it got awkward when she asked me if I even liked fried rice.  Umm...

Then...she takes out of a BOX with bags of rice.  She looks at me says "This is how white people cook rice!"  Oh  HELLLLLLLL NO.  Again, a little skeptical.

This is how the rice was cooked.  Which was kind of shocking.  I mean, I'm used to my mom  having a rice dispenser, cleaning the rice, having a rice cooker and having the rice be perfectly cooked within minutes.  And I've seen my non-Asian friends cook rice in a stove top - boiling the rice, then reducing the heat, but don't EVER lift the lid to see what's going on! There are secrets in there and you will commit rice suicide if you lift that lid!! (I can still hear my ex girlfriend yelling at me that I ruined the rice because I lifted the fucking lid). 

But Corey, sweet sweet Corey takes out a baggie of rice from a Box and puts 2 little baggies in a boiling pot.  In ten minutes, she removes the baggies and dumps the rice out.  ...Wait, that's it?  That's boxed rice?  Baggies and boiling?  That's it? 

To my surprise, the fried rice was excellent.  Corey added onions, red bell peppers, carrots, etc.  All of this from boxed rice!  I am shocked!  Well Corey--you made a believer out of me. 

Oh the best part was that we had pizza with our fried rice.  WHO ARE WE??

Facebook Status of the Day

"I seriously have to wait a week for the best footage of the Bad Girls reunion. Bamboozled."

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Overheard in the office (Part 4)

Web Developer 1:  I don't really see the differences between the two sites.
Web Developer 2:  What?  Are you serious?  One's like a Natalie Portman and the other one is a Lindsay Lohan.

Overheard in the Office (Take 3)

"I just realized I've had my unders on inside out all day"


 Today is the day to weed out your friends.  No, not your real life friends (unless the token booger picker isn’t cutting it anymore) – Today is National Unfriend Day.  So here’s the deal.  Take a few minutes to delete the following types of people from your facebook:

The overzealous status updater.
Status Update:  I am going to make a salad!
Status Update:  Heading to the store!
Status Update:  Using the bathroom, brb.
WHO CARES!!!!  If you have that one person who is constantly updating their status every 3 minutes, delete them!  I don’t need to know what you’re having for dinner, what you wish you were having dinner, and how long you were in the bathroom after having your dinner.  Stop with the nonsense updates.  We don’t care.

Farmville + Mafia Wars
Oh dear.  You lost a cow?  And you need to borrow some of my hard earned peanuts to find them?  Well shit, I just gave my last peanut to save my life in this online Mafia War…

Totes in love…again
I’m not going to lie, I’ve been guilty of this.  If you look at my photos, it’s an online archive of everyone I’ve dated (whether for years or for a couple of weeks).  But what I’m NOT a fan of is the different person on the other end of “In a relationship with ____.”  Especially if it’s a new person every 2 weeks.  I understand that people have problems and they break up, but don’t blast this shit online.  It’s embarrassing!  I had a fb friend who went to Vegas for the weekend and got married on the whim.  Within hours his status was “In a relationship” to “Engaged” To “Married” then a week together it fizzled to “It’s complicated” to “Divorced” to “Single” and next week it will probably be “Fuck I should’ve signed a pre-nup with ___________.”

The only on facebook friend
The craziest part about facebook are the random friends.  You know exactly who these are.  They’re the ones that you would most likely never talk to in real life but when you do see them in real life, you totally know everything about them.  It’s completely awkward and both of you kind of stare at each other for a few minutes trying to figure how you know each other and once you’ve figured it out, it’s so embarrassing that you just turn your head quickly.  Ironically, what’s the first thing you do when you get home?  Look that person up on facebook! 

Today is the day to take all 1500 of your facebook friends and carefully examine them.  Weed them out one by one and make sure they’re up to par.  Remember kids – it’s about QUALITY, not QUANTITY.