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Thursday, August 30, 2012

PSY Parody Nation

In keeping up with the PSY trend, I'm going to show you one of the MANY Gangnam Style parodies to hit the internets. Now, I'm a UW Husky fan through and through, but I have to admit...this Oregon Ducks video made me laugh. GO DAWGS.


So I'm pretty sure that this 'new' song from PSY is just the same as the other one, except he added a chick singing and changed the video. Whatever, it's still great. PSY owns the internet.

This is Probably Correct

Push and Shove

Fresh off of what seemed like a pretty successful release of their latest hit "Settle Down," No Doubt has just unleashed their next single, "Push and Shove." Unfortunately, they released it on Ryan Seacrest's morning show, so thrice throughout some radio women's voice interrupts with "On Air with Ryan Seacrest World Premier." Diplo produced this latest song, and calls it a blend of 'ska, dub and reggae." Check it out for yourself below:

Adios Snooki and the Gang

Today it was announced that everyone's favorite drunks will no longer be filmed stomping around Seaside Hight's for your television enjoyment. Yes, Jersey Shore has been CANCELLED. For real. I still can't believe they lasted this fucking long, but it has been confirmed that the 6th season, which airs on October 4th, will be the last. 
Don't worry, I'm sure you'll see the guideos and guidettes popping up here and there, getting paid to 'host' a party in Vegas or selling perfume on QVC. And now that Snooki has a baby we know it's possible for them to procreate. The future is definitely uncertain. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Republican National Convention

Did you know their song was "My neck, my back"?  Check out their mooooooves!

They're comin' for ya...

Watch your back. 

Roommate Troll

Lindsay Lohan owes the Chateau Marmont $46,350.04

Geez.  Lindsay Lohan has been living at the Chateau for the past couple of months.  Apparently two months of mini bar, buying hotel cigarettes, room service and magazines has caught up.  Homegirl needs to pay up before she can even dine there!  Here's the letter Chateau wrote to her...

"Thrift Shop" by Macklemore

I love me some Macklemore!  My favorite Seattle rapper has another video out for his single "Thrift Shop" and all of those locations look VERY familiar.  LOVE IT.  Happy Hump Day!


Today is what would have been King of Pop Michael Jackson's 54th birthday. Happy Birthday, Michael! Hope you're moonwalkin' in Heaven.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


 Have you seen the new Old Spice ad?!  There are no words...also, it's interactive at the end.  I played for about an hour.  Oops.

"It's not a song, it's my life."

I think Corey wrote this song 2 years ago! This guy stole her idea!!!  Need some inspiration?  These are some WORDS OF WISDOM.

Live in South Korea...


Obama and LGBTQ Rights

Here's a new campaign video from Obama's team supporting the LGBTQ community.  THANK YOU.

Russel Brand and Ginger Spice?!

Looks like there's a new couple in town - Russell Brand and Ginger Spice are dating.  They hung out during the Olympics and "sparks flew."  Apparently they have a lot in common - including sobriety!  Congrats!  You two make a weird couple!


Joseph Gordon Levitt just posted this on his Facebook. I approve.


Umm...I immediately want to try this.  WHY HASN'T ANYONE THOUGHT OF THIS BEFORE?!

Eye Brows.

Monday, August 27, 2012


Have you heard of this new movie, "Butter"?? Apparently, it's about competitive butter sculpting...which, yes, is a real thing. The story is set in Iowa and stars Jennifer Garner (annoys me in this trailer), Olivia Wilde (who plays a stripper and wears a bad wig), Hugh Jackman, Alicia Silverstone (from Beverly Hills to Iowa), Rob Corddry (always funny), Kristen Schaal and Ty Burrell (Modern Family's Phil Dunphy).  Check out the trailer below and see if you'll be spending $12 to see it...

Neil Armstong Dies at 82

On Saturday, the world lost one of it's most heroic figures when astronaut Neil Armstrong died at the age of 82. The first man to walk on the moon was an inspirational, intelligent and humble figure who never reveled in the limelight of his successes. He stated that his July 1969 walk on the moon was simply, "an achievement that a third of a million people had been working for a decade to accomplish."

Rest In Peace, Mr. Armstrong. Thanks for that one small step that transformed the way we explore the universe. Onward!

It's Monday.

What is this cat thinking? Free stickers to the best answer. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Have a good weekend!

Be merry! Be drunk! Be safe!

Well this is awkward

Wait for it.......wait for it................yup.

Tearable Puns

For Mercado (Kinda hard to read them on the right, try squinting).

Kim Kardashian fails again

This time she tried to channel Diana Ross for a Hype Williams photoshoot.  I am offended by these images.  These are going to give me nightmares...

Meantime, her boyfriend Kanye tweeted this (keeping it klassy yo'):


I know this song is old, but who cares!  It's fucking Friday!!!

He just hearts balloons.

I mean, who hasn't been in love with a balloon?!  Anyone?!  C'mon....

Thursday, August 23, 2012

All alcohol should come with this warning...

The coolest video ever.

Holy shit.

Gangnam Style vs. Starships

It's almost the fucking weekend - it's time to Gangnam Style! Nicki Minaj and PSY make a good mash-up! I had to dance at my desk for this...

Fake Celebrity

Apparently all you need to be a fake celebrit is:
- New clothes
- Hot chicks
- Entourage
- Cameras
- Body guards
- Fake fans

Okay, so I added the "hot chicks" part, but they're always fun, so...

Worst Day Ever.


Biodegradable Urn for Sale

Now when you die, you can become a tree! Any takers? 

What a Good Boyfriend

Weird News of the Day

Don't mess with grammy Margaret Jackson. If you try to burgal her home, she'll stab you with a BBQ fork.

Fat Animals

Don't worry, you guys. It's Thursday, which means it's almost Friday, which means you're ALMOST THERE. Hopefully these pictures of fat animals will help you get there faster....

This one might not be fat, just really fluffy. 

Need more?

My friend Dana and her friend Sara bring you a monthly round up of the latest entertainment news and gossip. The best part? They're not annoying like Perez Hilton...oh snaaaaaaps. Tune in every 3rd Friday of the month! Also, you should be their next special guest, just sayin'. Check out The Real Life of Dana and Sara and WorkItLA.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Not so much.

He would have definitely failed Ryan's Roses.


Would you be flattered?  Smoooooooth.

Zac Efron News of the Day

In the upcoming "The Paperboy" starring Zac Efron and Nicole Kidman, Kidman had to film a scene where she pees on Efron after he is stung by a jellyfish at the beach. 
Turns out, she didn't mind doing it because she thought it was in-character and showed an act of love. 
She told V Magazine:  “The peeing thing, I didn’t think was that weird, because I was in character. That was for the jellyfish. And for me it said so much about Charlotte. One, she’s protecting him. Two, she’s tough as nails and no one else is going to pee on this guy.

Would you pee on Zac Efron?

Today's Fun Fact

Scientific research conducted in 2009 found that 90 percent of U.S. bills have been contaminated by cocaine. 

We have the 80's to thank for that one. 

I'm surprised me and Corey haven't done this yet.

SPICE GIRLS FOREVER. This is kind of terrible though.

Sea of Stingrays

Fuck this shit. Worse than a sea full of Jellyfish. RIP Steve Irwin. 

I got goosebumps.

This guy is amazing...Check out his cover of One Republic's "Secrets."

Holy Pole Dancing!

This is apparently real. Homegirl must have abs of steel!

Prince Harry Naked Photos

Oh dear, this isn't good.  I mean, what happens in Vegas apparently doesn't stay in Vegas.  Prince Harry got naked while playing strip pool with some "friends" in his Vegas hotel room over the weekend...well, one of those so-called friends took some photos.  Reps for the royal family have confirmed they are Harry but have not made any more comments about them.  Here are the photos - they're not that bad!  Hey, at least he had fun right?!  VegASS.

BREAKING NEWS: Avril Lavigne is engaged to the lead singer of Nickelback

WHOA.  This came out of NOWHERE.  According to People Magazine, they started dating 6 months ago after Chad Kroeger (that's the lead singer of Nickelback) co-wrote a song with Lavigne.  Here's what I have to say:

1)  GROSS.
2)  Avril Lavigne, your track records for the men in your life is not that great (i.e. the guy from Sum 41, Brody Jenner........geez.  And now the lead singer of the most embarrassing band to ever exist.
3)  Who hires the lead singer of Nickelback to help them write a song for an upcoming album?!  Oh Canadians, you are too nice sometimes.

Welp, good luck!  I would say this ruined your careers, but we all know that happened years ago...

The only pictures they have together:

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


She's the Queen B for a reason

I'm going to change the world after watching this video. You should too.

diet tips

...according to science.

X Factor contestant freaks out

Ok watch this whole thing - this girl is CRAY.  At first, she seems cool then watch when she freaks out after the judges tell her no.  WHOA.


PSY was at Dodgers Stadium last night...I guess he's in town to talk to Justin Bieber's people about doing a collaboration................

The only thing keeping me awake right now...

Is this.

Drumming washing machine

Whatever, this has more talent than me when it comes to the drums.

And now the anti-Romney song


This is annoying

Made by Chicago's Young Republicans.

Think about it.

I mean, we all get lazy sometimes.

Yo Gabba Gabba's Greatest Cameo Ever?

OH MY GOD. Metta World Peace. This is BEYOND perfect.

Baby Got Back

THIS IS AWESOME. Thank you to whoever spent 1 million hours compiling this.


This probably isn't as funny as I think it is...