Oh snaps.

Welcome to the internets. Where most of you spend countless hours during the week. We get paid to sit in front of the computer and pretend to do work, but really, we're finding out what Lindsay Lohan had for breakfast and googling awkward pictures of cats. Here's a toast (a blog toast because drinking is NOT allowed during work...) to all of you 40 hours a week craftsmen. Because let's be honest, we are all craftsmen. Do you know how hard it is to quickly exit a facebook browser?

Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's 5 o'clock somewhere...

And that somewhere is my desk. A woman in my office is celebrating her 60th birthday today and what better way to celebrate than popping 4 bottles of champagne at the end of a work day. I guess I better find another 20 min. of work to do - I've got a bottle of champagne to take care of. Happy Thursday!


The Bronx Zoo Cobra has been FOUND! This means 3 things...

1. I completely jinxed myself by not making him my favorite person to follow on Twitter
2. He probably won't be able to host SNL much to the dismay of the 6,091 people who like the facebook fan page of "Bronx Zoo's Cobra to Host SNL" and
3. My work days just got exponentially more productive....well, probably not.

Who Do You Follow?

I've recently started following @iywib (If You Watch It Backwards) and these tweets make my day. Personal favorite?

"If you watch 127 hours backwards it's a lovely film about a disabled man finding an arm in the desert."

It was a toss-up between this guy and the Bronx Zoo Cobra updating me of his whereabouts around New York City. I don't know what's killing my brain cells faster, the people I follow on Twitter or my Friday nights.

Tweet us your favorite person to follow @WorkitLa!

Go Lakers!

In honor of my love for the Lakers and my mother's short stint as an LA Laker Girl - I advise you all to check out NBA.com's Dance Team Contest and vote for Laker Girls. Their current opponent? The Honeybees.....yawn. Plus this gives you a new bracket to procrastinate with because I know none of you put VCU in the final four.

P.s. Is that a husky head you're throwing up? Go Huskies!



I'm in Vegas for the next couple of days and Corey is also out of town.  I asked Keripedia (you should know her from her AMAZING quotes that we feature) to guest post today!  Enjoy!!!  PS If you need me, I'm staying at the Hooters Hotel.  No big deal.  Happy Thursday!  Only 1 more day until Rebecca Black Friday!!!!

Jimmy vs. Colbert...Winner? Rebecca Black

In a long list of things that don't make sense in this world, Rebecca Black is one of them. During a recent battle of late night hosts, Stephen Colbert donated $26,000 of Jimmy Fallon's money to DonorsChoose - without him knowing. How does one retaliate? By making them sing "Friday" on public television of course. Congratulations Rebecca Black, your song is the new form of public humiliation...because getting roasted is so 2010.

Set your tivo's friends - he'll be performing tomorrow night.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tiny Hat! Tiny Hat! HELP!!

There's a show on BBC called "Bizarre ER". Here's a HILARIOUS case - a man superglues a tiny hat onto his head and can't get it off. Not only does the hat look fucking hilarious on him, but he finds out it will take days in order for it to come off! HAHAHAHA. This is something that would totally happen to me...

Charlie Sheen Bobble Head

This post is dedicated to my brother.  Why?  Because it's about Charlie Sheen's bobblehead and my brother has an extensive bobblehead collection.  He even has an EMINEM one.  I think it's time you add this one to your collection!

Just in case you didn't know a Eminem bobble head existed...you can find one on my brother's desk :)


We've all witnessed it - someone intensely picking their nose while stuck in traffic. Well next time record it! It's kind of really funny and awkward. It must have been one of those hard boogers...you know exactly what I'm talking about!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

In Need of a Quick Chuckle?

It's prom season...

You know that means right? Guys trying to lose their virginity before leaving high school. This dude is totally going for that goal.


Fancify that mac n cheez

If you know me you know my go to meal at every restaurant is mac and cheese.  Someone turned it into sushi!  Okay, that sounds awful, but it's not mac and cheese and some raw fish.  Instead, it looks absolutely delicious and I want to make this tonight!

So stoked...

...To get Friday on a DVD. Have fun with this one folks...


Thinking of you D + C.  We love you guys.


Have you ever heard of this website? It's called WhiteWhite.com and it's a place where you can submit screen shots of people's completely irrelevant complaints they have about life. This site gives me little faith in humanity. However, you can waste lots of time on here today if you're bored. Stupid people always make me laugh.

Here's an example:

Here's another!

Status Update

Visit the site HERE!

Richard Simmons for Air New Zealand

This is how I do NOT want every flight to take off...

Rapping Flight Attendant

This is how I want every flight to take off....

Monday, March 28, 2011

Overheard in REAL LIFE.

Reading comments on the blog with Cozzolino...

Cozz:  Who's Anonymous?
Me:  I don't know...they're anonymous.
Cozz:  Oh, that's not their real name?


Another fellow Aries turned 25 today.  Happy Birthday Lady Gaga!  I know you're a big fan of the blog, so I just wanted to wish you a happy day.  See you tonight at the Staples Center!  I'll be the one farting from the 5th row to clear some space so my friend and I can dance.  Hooray!

Eat your heart out Rebecca Black!

Ladies and Gentlemen-
Here's the next big hit titled "Me and my puppy."  The title says it all.  I wonder if Giovanna and Rebecca Black get together for lyric sessions.  If they do, I want an invite to that PLEASE.

I feel like this sometimes too little guy

Cool "sneakers" dude.

Sucks to be wearing the same shoes every day for the rest of your life...just sayin'.  BORING.


Lying Down Game picture of the day

Cozz and I went to the Griffith Observatory this morning.  It was absolutely beautiful.  We HAD to take a Lying Down Game picture.  Thanks Cozzballs!  I LOVE YOUUUUUU.  PS - nice Lying Down Game form?

Dear Rebecca Black,

You've officially MADE it.  They now play your beautiful song at NHL games.  Congrats!  You know what this means right?  Hockey fans LOVE you.  Well maybe not all of them, but this guy definitely does!  Congrats girl!  I can't wait for your other 6 hit singles (the rest of the days of the week).

Just call her Lindsay.

Lindsay Lohan wants to join the ranks of Cher, Madonna and Seal and drop the "Lohan".  Why?  Because she's Lindsay, DUH!  And she's the ONLY Lindsay in the WORLD.  My opinion?  Everyone in LA refers to cocaine as Lindsay.  Therefore, Lindsay, if you really want to be different - change your name to Cocaine!

Friday, March 25, 2011


This is from Wife Swap. Watch as a young Eric Cartman look-a-like gets heated over the new mommy throwin' away his bacon.

Overheard on G-Chat (Take 12)

"My boss just came into my office with a friend to introduce me to and she says "This is Claire, she pretty much runs the show here." Behind me, zoomed in on my computer screen, which was fixed on WorkItLA's delightful photograph of spices lined up to spell poop. Happy Friday." -Claire, the Boss Lady, who enjoys reading our blog at work.


What's a Friday without Rebecca Black?! Here is a mash up of her hit with Ice-Cube's movie "Friday." Enjoy!!

New App of the Day

Remember yesterday's wild iPhone app, Spermville? Well, today's App of the Day is EVEN WEIRDER. It's called Adobe Flasher. Read the description, straight from Apple's App Page:

"One hot lady was walking down the lonely street at midnight.Mr. Adobe ambushed in the dark,He jump out suddenly and open his coat,all his body is shown.The lady was cowed by the assault,run away for police.

Mr. Adobe was going to take his heels.
Come up and check him out,we should not let FLASHER goes away!"

Well...It's FREE only today! Start downloading, kids!


A Big Happy 25th to my favorite hipster, MERCADO!!

Can't wait to get you good and hammered tonight, girl. Happy Birthday!!!!


Gotta love parents.

My dad wished me a Happy Birthday on Facebook today.  Except he didn't quite know where to write it...this is where he ended up putting the message - in my mobile uploads photo album where my friend is editing a video I'm in.  THANKS DAD!  It was a challenge trying to find your message but I got it :)


Hello friends!  It's my birthday!  There are so many great things about this day.  1) Everyone will buy me things all weekend (drinks, food, presents, bail).  2)  It's FRIDAY!!  And I LOVE REBECCA BLACK!!  3)  Trevor from O-Town sang Happy Birthday to me.  See it for yourself HERE.

With that being said,
If you are in the LA area and would like to give me a birthday high five, come see me tonight downtown at the Down and Out Bar on Spring Street (below the Alexandria Hotel).  I would love for you to buy me a drink!  JK...Rowling.  See you there fools!

[Damn girl...happy birthday]

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jon Brockman: That's How It's Done

Former University of Washington Basketball player Jon Brockman has some pretty cool tricks he shows off in this video. I'm impressed!

Giraffe Tat

Proof That Anyone Can Make a Music Video

It's not JUST Rebecca Black.... anyone can make a music video.


Who is looking for a fun new game to play on their iPhone? Search no further!! May we introduce...

Here is the description of this new and exciting game:

"Spermville is the adventure of Kitty the ovula that tries to avoid getting pregnant as she is being pursuit by a bunch of thirsty sperm."

Free download TODAY ONLY!!
Click HERE to get your new favorite app, Spermville!

Last Thing I Googled

Last night, Mercado and Daniel got together to film her video for Round 3 of Charlie Sheen's Intern Search. I met up with them afterwards for some dinner and beers and while watching American Idol (TERRIBLE, btw. Don't waste your time watching. Steven Tyler doesn't say anything radical anymore, they've tamed him...) we got to talking about quite an interesting topic...

What is the last thing you Googled? If you search through your phone or computer browser history, you might find some gems. Mercado, hands down, had the best list of recently Googled search terms. Let's recap her recent Googles:

and the best one...

Apparently, when Merc was sick last week she had some...butt concerns. Thank god for Google.

So, kids, what is the last thing YOU googled??

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Human BeatBox

It's so bad that it's good.

Thank you, Lauren, Bentley and Buster!

Get Over It.

"Some chicks marry chicks. Get over it."

Supermarket Scrabble

I'm playing this game the next time I make it to the supermarket!

It's called SUPERMARKET SCRABBLE. The object? To create dirty or funny words by rearranging spice bottles.

This one is my favorite:

This Guy Knows

Video Vixens.

Yesterday Corey came to me with a GENIUS idea.  She said Ron Artest (of the Los Angeles Lakers) had a couple more spots open for his music video that he was filming.  He had tweeted it and Corey came across it.  She immediately asked me to send Mr. Artest an email asking to put us in his music video.  Out of pure boredom, I decided it would be funny so I did.  It went to the tune of "Look no further!  We have a blog and are big fans!  Play the Lying Down Game!  Put us in your music video!  We'll take our clothes off then blog about it!"  Okay, maybe not the last part, but it got their attention and...drumroll please...WE GOT AN EMAIL FROM RON ARTEST!!!  He said we were confirmed for his music video shoot which was to start at 5:30pm yesterday.  I got the email at about 9:30pm.  Suffice to say, Corey and I missed our music video debut with Mr. Artest.  But what did we get out of it?  An email from him naming the most awkward celebrities (i.e. George Lopez and David Arquette) and explaining how to act professional around these fools.  Oh LA how I love you so...Click the below picture to see the email for yourself.


This is a letter that a guy slid under all of the apartment doors in his building.  His only request - he needs a friend!  At first I thought it was innocent and kind of cute.  But as you continue to read he gets weirder and weirder.  Poor guy...this isn't an episode of Friends. (Obviously click to enlarge).

Oh...you didn't hear?

Yelp has added "Hipster" to the ambience category for ratings.  WINNING!!  Now I know where to hang out.

Pablo Picasso

Did you know that Pablo Picasso's full name is Pablo Diego Jose Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno Maria de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santisima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso?  Hmm...wonder why he shortened it.

Also, the star of Modern Family Sofia Vergara's full name is Sofia Margarita Vergara Vergara.  Which further makes me want to name my child Mercado Mercado.

Keripedia - You have some competition...just sayin'.

Who would buy this? Oh yeah, ME.

Just to make those work days a little bit happier...

Rebecca Black scores a non-mall gig

Rebecca Black performed on Leno last night and talked about all of her "fans" who include Ryan Seacrest, Simon Cowell and Nicole Richie.  Hey guys - she's not that bad!  She's donating all of the proceeds of her hit single to the efforts in Japan.  Watch the video - is she pulling an Ashlee Simpson?  We get it - the song is REALLY difficult to sing live.  You know what's even more difficult?  Watching her sing live.

Get a room you two!

Sometimes cats enjoy their belly rubs a little too much...

Elizabeth Taylor dies at age 79

The legendary Elizabether Taylor died early today of congestive heart failure.  She is perhaps best known for her 8 marriages and several near death experiences (including a plane crash 53 years ago).  She leaves behind 4 children and Paris Hilton (fact:  Paris Hilton would have been her step great grand daughter - Taylor was married to Hilton's great grandfather Conrad Hilton!).  RIP lady.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Karate Kid

Overheard on Gchat...

Corey:  Merc, I don't get the penis map.
Me:  It's based on size.
Corey: ...
Me:  Look at the Asian countries vs. the African countries.
Me:  C'mon.  You needed a lesbian to figure that shit out?  WOW MOM WOW.

World Penis Map.

Yup...looks about right. [click to enlarge. no pun intended].

The worst metal band EVER

You know you're bad when you perform at an elementary school.  They should team up with Rebecca Black.

Again, white never works.

The guy?  He's wearing a white parka.  Look closely.

C Breezy loses it AGAIN.

Chris Brown LOSES it after his Good Morning America interview.  He gets upset because the reporter brings up what else - the Rihanna incident.  He gets so angry afterwards that he throws a chair against his dressing room window and then takes his shirt off and storms off in the street.  Okay, I get it, don't bring up the Rihanna situation.  But what do you expect?  You beat a pop star to a pulp - no one will ever forget this.  Kill them with kindness C Breezy, not broken windows.

Ever wondered what happens when you tickle a camel?

...not THAT camel silly! A real camel! Funny how I make the same noise when I get tickled...

The Button King

He has more buttons than you do.

The Dan Band

Friday night I went to see "The Dan Band" at the Music Box in Hollywood. I won the tickets via twitter from The Scenestar (check them out!) and Daniel and I decided to go. If you haven't seen this band yet-it is time you find them at a theater near you.

You've probably heard of them. The first time I ever heard The Dan Band sing was in the movie Old School when they did a pretty epic rendition of 'Total Eclipse of the Heart.'

More recently, they were seen in The Hangover singing 50 Cent's hit 'Candyshop.' These guys are AMAZING live. Lead singer Dan Finnerty is more of a comedian than performer, but he has a pretty good voice and the show him and his two backup dancers put on is hilarious and extremely entertaining.

Renditions of 'Genie in a Bottle' and 'Hold On' were performed, but my favorite of the night was their version of Beyonce's 'Single Ladies.' They memorized the entire dance and performed it live with Beyonce's music video playing behind them. Spot on. Totally spot on. This version below is just the band dancing-but at the concert, they also sang. Check it out:

Also, Dan Finnerty is married to one of the lead nuns from Sister Act. You'll recognize her. They are my new favorite couple.

Ch-ch-check The Dan Band out!! You won't be disappointed. Promise.

Spotted at University of Wisconsin Madison

My sister sent this picture to me today. She goes to school at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and this was found on the walls of one of the bathrooms.

It reads "Ministry of Magic Employee Entrance."

For those non-Harry Potter Fans, the Ministry of Magic is the governing body of the magical land Harry and his friends and enemies live in. Apparently, this graffiti artist presumes they exit via bathroom Napkin Disposal.

I never finished the Harry Potter series after I read three of them back when I was 12. Maybe I should...