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Welcome to the internets. Where most of you spend countless hours during the week. We get paid to sit in front of the computer and pretend to do work, but really, we're finding out what Lindsay Lohan had for breakfast and googling awkward pictures of cats. Here's a toast (a blog toast because drinking is NOT allowed during work...) to all of you 40 hours a week craftsmen. Because let's be honest, we are all craftsmen. Do you know how hard it is to quickly exit a facebook browser?

Friday, September 30, 2011

Have a good weekend!

Permission to get wasted.

(Just don't do this)


Okay Apple geeks,
You are probably anticipating the iPhone 5.  Don't know if you should stand in line early?  If you dial *639# you can find out if you can upgrade.  Most carriers even offer early upgrades if you're within 6 months!  Looks like I better start standing in line...

The Jersey Turnpike

Ed Helms had some unfavorable luck sharing the stage with Deena from Jersey Shore on Jay Leno the other night. When Jay asked Deena what the dance move 'The Jersey Turnpike' was, she asked Helms if he'd dance with her so she could show the world. This is so unfortunate.


It's so awkward, but I can't stop watching...

Jesus Dog

If you squint, you can see Jesus

Walking. Across America.

On Purpose.
Nate Damn is walking across America.  His starting point is Lewes, DE and his final destination is San Francisco.  It's been over 7 months and he has a few hundred miles to go.  To learn more about this no homeless gypsy, Click HERE.

Halloween Harry

Alright Harry Potter nerds, this Halloween costume is for you:

29 Year Old Woman Hears for the First Time

Here is an uplifting video for all of you this fine Friday. This 29-year-old woman was born deaf and for the first time yesterday was able to hear herself speak with the help of a new cochlear implant being turned on for the first time ever. Congratulations to her!!

Brian Bradley - X Factor

This kid is going to be the next Kanye West.  I will put $5 on it right now.  His performance last night on X Factor was fucking genius!

Adele's "Someone Like You" video

Why is she so amazing?! Gugh.
Check out the premiere of her latest single "Someone Like You."  I bet you're happy they won't play "Rolling in the Deep" as often...

Caption this! Photo of the day

Ok folks -
What's your best caption for this?  I apologize in advance if you recognize someone in this photo.  That's fucking embarrassing.

Who's that?

It's Michelle Obama!  Look at her, shopping all in cognito at Target.  I bet there are presidential tampons in those bags.  Just sayin'.

When you go to the airport,

Don't have this sticker on your suitcase.  IT IS NOT FUNNY.  People don't take other people seriously who have a sticker that looks like you kidnapped a girl.  Sick sense of humor.  - why didn't I think of this -


The one day of the work week that everyone is looking forward to!  And what better way to start your morning than an 80's rap.  There's nothing better than watching a bunch of white people awkwardly rap about a ride at Disneyland.  Speaking of Disneyland, tomorrow is Gay Day!  Go out and show your pride - and make fun of everyone who didn't know it was Gay Day haha.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

A WorkItLA Productions...Production!

NOTE: We will contact you in the next couple of days if we still need you.  Otherwise, please join us at Fingerbang at Fubar on Wednesday, October 5 to be part of some of the party scenes!

We still need a Production Assistant! 

We are looking for a Production Assistant.  We are shooing at 4 different locations - must be available all day and have a car.  Your duties will include running some last minute errands, taking care of extras and overall help on set.  There is no pay, but you'll get food, reimbursed for gas and a credit for the video.  Please send us a resume and quick bio (WorkItLA@gmail.com)  Thank you!

Friends and Lovers,

WorkItLA is teaming up with lovely Romi Klinger from The Real L Word for our first original production!  There's just one thing - WE NEED YOUR HELP!

We need 10 gaydies to join us next Wednesday, October 5 from 8am-noon to film 3 scenes.  There is no pay, but we will have food/drinks for you and you get to hang out with Romes and the WorkItLA team (we are such a good time, whoa).  Please email us at WorkItLA@gmail.com if you can make it!  Seriously, it's going to be a blast and you don't want to miss this opportunity to make WorkItLA history :)  Just sayin'.  

If you can't make it during the day, please come out to Fubar (7994 Santa Monica Blvd / West Hollywood) that night to be part of some scenes!  We'll be there all night!

Flying Shark!


Bow Down

Cue the collective 'AWWWWWWW'

Metta World Peace

God I love Ron Artest. For some reason, anything he does seems relevant. Like this video of him eating a whole orange.

Want Street Cred?

Then purchase your Wu-Tang Clan shirt from The Gap!

GLEE = Boring

C'mon Glee!  I'm trying to convince everyone to watch you and keep getting worse and worse!  What's worse is that everyone from the show kept tweeting that Tuesday's shiteous episode was the best of the season.  Umm...really?  HORRIBLE!  I'd rather watch Heather Morris aka Brittany sing the Little Mermaid on Youtube. Oh wait, here we go.  Yup, way better.

Today is National Coffee Day!

Happy National Coffee Day!* Hope everyone has had their daily dose of caffeine to get them through this fine Thursday. Only one more day until the weekend! Drink up, folks!!

*This fact brought to you by Keripedia (duh)

Sheep Dog

Awww, this little sheep thinks he's a dog! How adorbz.

How precious

Danny Tanner, Joey Gladstone and Uncle Jessie all reunited and obviously LOL'd about something hilarious!  They were probably talking shit about the Olsen twins.

The best performance from X-Factor last night

And of course it's some 14 year old doing a cover of Justina Bieber's "Baby."

Hire this guy for my next party!

A violist playing along to Super Mario?  What?!  Wait, I want this guy to perform at my next party.  This is pretty great...

I guess something happened in baseball last night

Yeah, no clue.  But check out this clip from the Tampa Bay game where a homerun hit someone in the nuts!  Hilarious!

Flash mobs are so 2011

It's 2011 so they're still "in" I guess.  Here's another flash mob proposal - get it girrrrrrrl.  PS It takes place at Disneyland.  Awwwwww.

PS How much fucking money is Bruno Mars making from this song? I'm going to write "Divorce you." Let's see how popular it gets...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Toy Thailand

This is an amazingly beautiful video was shot throughout Thailand by Joerg Daiber. It shows many of Thailand's most beautiful locations, including Bangkok, Phuket, Tonsai and Railay Beach. He's filmed and edited it in a way that makes everything look like miniature and toy-like! Really makes one bummed about sittin' in a stupid office chair staring at a stupid computer all day.

I Want to Be Friends With This Guy

Just Kidding

Yahtzee Extremists.

Watch out, Yahtzee fans. It's being reported that a 50-year-old Florida resident got super heated over a game of Yahtzee with his wife...so heated that he started choking her.

Ian Stuart Wood's wife called the police to report the domestic attack from his wife after it happened.

We used to get heated over family games of Scrabble, but strangling your wife over Yahtzee!? Classy.

We got an answer!

We recently posted about Jason Alexander's hair...looks like he reads WorkItLA because we got an answer!  Okay, he didn't directly respond to us, but still...

PS How embarrassing is it that you have to put out a press release about your hair piece?

Mystery Solved!

How they dance in Sweden

No idea what's going in this, but it looks like those Swedes sure know how to get down!  Someone please explain to me what's going on...

Coolio's not so coolio hair

What the fuck is this? Yeah, you better have that look on your face.  You should be ashamed "Gangsta's Paradise."

Overheard on G-Chat

"I'm going to get a bikini wax before I go to Vegas this weekend...listen to the name of the place: 'Pretty Kitty'"
-Friend Who Wishes to Remain Anonymous (hint: she has a nickname that rhymes with Wikipedia)


I'm going to need this coffee mug STAT. Do you guys remember the Rebecca Black Phenomenon!? How did we, as a collective group of internet people, let that happen? I actually purchased that song on iTunes. And I never purchase songs on iTunes.


Listen to Justin Bieber do a cover Lil Wayne's "How to love".

Dear Justina,
You're my favorite lesbian.  I'm so happy you did this song.  My heart strings are plucking right now.

Drunk Man Stuck in a Funhouse.

This is horrible...YET HIGHLY ENTERTAINING!  I mean, I would hate to be this guy, but it's fucking hilarious.

Lindsay Lohan got a job!

Yup, have no idea what she's doing, but it looks riveting.  Good job LiLo!

I Want.


New condoms

There is a new Tumblr dedicated to condoms...these aren't real, but I have a feeling they will be soon.  Jump on this corporate America! Happy HUMP day!


Got something emotional you want to share? Never fear, there's a site for you - or that ex girlfriend....At Emotional Bag Check you can share your baggage or claim someones. The simple fix to curing that baggage? Sending them a song of course!

Yesterday I claimed someones baggage about losing their job and not having money - so I enlightened them with Destiny's Child "Bills Bills Bills"

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Astronaut + Coffee + Space

Have you ever wondered how an astronaut drinks coffee in space? Welp, here ya go.

Obama Shirt

This shirt is available for purchase!! In Israel....

Excellent Parenting!

This is what our world has come to.  Here is a child doing a beer bong with Capri Sun...my favorite are the guys yelling "Chug it!  Chug it!"

Dear Lord.

This cat looks familiar...


Corey and I will be at The Robertson in West Hollywood to celebrate the launch of Casa Por Vida - come join us!  Don't forget to put on your fancy shoes and don't worry - you can wear fur to this party, Romi's down with it!  Don't let the Obamas scare you, they've already left town!  CASA POR VIDA...POR VIDA.  WORK IT LA POR VIDA (me and Corey's new jewelry line).

This shirt is $85

Yes, it's a white shirt that looks like someone spilled coffee on it.  Lovely.  What is this world coming to?  Hey, if you buy me a cup of coffee I can design this shirt for you for FREE!  Just sayin'.

PS Starbucks is selling these to celebrate their 40th Anniversary.

Amazing "Someone Like You" cover

Adele - you break my heart everyday.
This is a beautiful cover of "Someone Like You."  - goosebumps -

The Longest Argument Ever

Here's a deleted scene from Bridemaids.  I'm obsessed with this movie.  I saw it for the 3rd time this past weekend - here's a gem of a scene.  Kristen Wiig could go on FOREVER!  This scene is improvised...

Samberg Does Zuckerberg

Andy Samberg showed up to Facebook's f8 conference last Thursday and decided to give the audience his best Zuckerberg impersonation. I guess Zuckerberg was in on the whole thing, and he gets some laughs, but it gets pretty awkward...

Rhianna Dressed Too Scantily Clad for Irish Farmers

Look like Rihanna is is too slooty for Irish farmers.

While filming a music video for her song 'We Found Love,' the Irish farmer who let the production crew use his farm saw Ri-Ri dressed in a red handkerchief bikini and drove over in his tractor to halt production.

"I have an ethos and I felt it was important," Farmer Alan Graham told the BBC. He also stated that he wishes 'no ill will against Rhianna and her friends" but that "perhaps they could acquaint themselves with a greater God."

No chance of that, Farmer Alan. Have you seen "Disturbia?"

Southwest homophobes.

Lesbian actress Leisha Hailey (The L Word, Silver lake lesbian) was kicked off a Southwest flight after kissing her girlfriend.  A flight attendant went up to her after she kissed her gf/bandmate Camila Grey stating their airline was "family friendly" and that there were lots of complaints from other passengers.  Umm...it's 2011, how do you not get on a flight with at least one gay couple?

Leisha took to her Twitter after the incident and all the homos went cray cray!  Southwest defends their awesome image saying they were kicked off solely on behavior and not gender.  Here are my thoughts:

1) Southwest - not cool.  I mean, you're the worst airline out there...I don't really think you should be kicking people off your flights.
2) To the people who found the kiss to be "disrespectful" - umm two hot girls kissing...really?  Disrespectful?  You fucking had Alice Pieszecki on your flight! It could have been much worse...I mean, it's Southwest.
3) To the lady flight attendant that kicked them off - come out of the closet.

What a teenager!

HAPPY 13TH BIRTHDAY GOOGLE!!  You're such a teenager now!

Fun fact:  the word "google" comes from the word "googol" which is a number that is equal to 1 followed by 100 zeros.

Monday, September 26, 2011

It's all about the reaction...

Nevermind that the kid had snot falling from his nose, check out the girl's reaction!  I literally LOL'd at this...priceless...


Thank God this Police Officer acted wisely and had this woman move to the side of the road. +1 for the Po!

Umm...amazing dubstep

Dubstep this, dubstep that - I don't get it.


This is unbelievable. This is all in real time - nothing is slowed down. This guy is just crazy good.

This post is dedicated to Sierra - because of the song, but also because I expect her to be doing these moves in the near future.

TOMORROW!!! Casa Por Vida Launch!

Work It LA will be attending Romi's jewelry launch for her line "Casa Por Vida".  You need to check out her stuff - it's amazing!  If you want to hang with the cool kids (aka Me and Corey), you will find us at the Robertson in WeHo handing out business cards and giving everyone a little sneak peak of something major we're working on for the blog.  Come join us!

What:  The launch of Casa Por Vida Jewelry line
When:  Tuesday, September 27 / 8-12 PM
Where:  Robertson (formerly Haute) - 665 N. Robertson Blvd. in West Hollywood

What will I be wearing?  Probably some hot pink fried chicken on a necklace.  Just sayin'.

JBiebs rents out The Staples Center for a date

This is proof that lesbians will go to great measures to impress a girl.  Justina Bieber surprised girlfriend Selena Gomez by renting out The Staples Center.  When they walked in, there was a candlelit dinner and a movie.  They ate steak and pasta and watched "Titanic."  Afterwards, Selena went down on Justin's beaver.  Oh love...

Keyboard Street Art

This is some pretty neat street art from Belgium:

Does Anyone Else Feel This Way?

Every. Damn. Night. #1stworldproblems

Bet you didn't know you can hack a knitting machine!

And what better way to make use of this than to make Cosby sweaters...literally.

Caption This! Photo of the day

Please don't ever allow me to get this drunk.  Please don't allow me to ever take a photo like this...

Where did George Costanza's hair come from?

Jason Alexander grew some hair I guess.  Don't make it obvious or anything...

Hipster Meat.


My type of wedding proposal

I cried when I watched this...it is pretty amazing!

Happy Monday, Ya'll!

And it will be an even happier Monday if you live in LA! Just kidding, if you plan on commuting home from work today you may want to rethink the drive and head to happy hour to kill some time while President Obama enters our great city and shuts down some major roads.

El Presidente is landing at 4:40pm and heading up to the House of Blues for a fundraiser, followed by a dinner at Fig & Olive in WeHo. Ticket per couple to the dinner? $3,500.

San Vicente Boulevard from Santa Monica Boulevard to Melrose is already closed off as of 6am. Here are some other road closures, planned around 2pm until noon on Tuesday, from ABC 7's website:

-Sunset from Doheny Drive to Sweetzer Ave
-Santa Monica Blvd from Doheny to La Cienega
-Olive Drive from Sunset to Santa Monica Blvd
-Holloway Drive from Sunset to La Cienega
-Fountain Ave from La Cienega to Sweetzer
-Delongpre Ave from Fountain Ave to Flores St.

Best of luck out there on the road!