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Welcome to the internets. Where most of you spend countless hours during the week. We get paid to sit in front of the computer and pretend to do work, but really, we're finding out what Lindsay Lohan had for breakfast and googling awkward pictures of cats. Here's a toast (a blog toast because drinking is NOT allowed during work...) to all of you 40 hours a week craftsmen. Because let's be honest, we are all craftsmen. Do you know how hard it is to quickly exit a facebook browser?

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lying Down Game Picture of the Day - Memorial Day style

KJ sent me a couple this weekend - he was reuniting with his pledge class in Portland.  Apparently reunions take place with Germans playing the accordion?  I'll take it!

Meet Agent Weng Weng

In the Philippines (Hollerrrr), he's known as Agent 00.  Just watch this little guy.  I mean, his name is Weng Weng - that's an amazing name.  I've never seen this show - but I plan on calling my mom right after work and asking her if she's ever seen a Weng Weng.

Fuckin knew it.

Syke!  Looks like PBS was hacked over the weekend.  Although I totally think he really is still alive.  But I doubt he would live in New Zealand...

Titanic Inception Connection

I believe it.


This is the country we live in...
C'mon folks!  This is ludicrous!

Beyonce's Sister

Don't you kinda feel bad for Beyonce's sister Solange Knowles? Beyonce pretty much runs the world and has more money than the majority of people who have walked on this planet combined and all Solange is known for is showing up to events wearing terrible lemon suits.
And while we're at it, I also feel bad for all of the other members of Destiny's Child. Talk about the short end of the stick.

Then again, if my sister were ultra famous I would have no problem reaping the benefits of her success.

Kim K's Engagement Ring

For the love of God-look at the SIZE of that thing!!! How does it even stay upright on her finger?

Jose Conseco being creepy.

Must be the steroids...
Anyone catch Conseco's creepy Lady Gaga tweets this weekend?  What a creep!  The funny thing is Lady Gaga might actually go for it... My favorite is that he told her where he's located...


Do you guys like Pho (pronounced 'fa'), the Vietnamese wonder-soup? I used to eat it at least 3 times a week in Seattle because there are Vietnamese restaurants on every corner, but I haven't had it as much while living in LA. However, I miss it!! It's officially the best hangover cure ever and it's the most delicious soup you'll ever have. Trust me on this one. Hungover from a 3 day weekend? Go out and get some pho and then let me know where so I can try it out. And then make a smiley face out of the toppings they give you...

Lose 12 lbs! And your skin color!

GREAT ad...


Told you...
Justin Bieber is my favorite lesbian.  I look up to her.

Overheard on G-Chat (Take 18)

Keripedia: well on a much lighter note - I learned this morning that more people in the world have cell phones than toilets.

Spider Man

In chameleon form...

Monday, May 30, 2011

Snooki crashes into a police car

The Jersey Shore kids are at it again...apparently Snooki has crashed a vehicle in Florence, Italy (where they've been busy taping). The best part? She crashed into a police car. Yes...a police car. She is currently in custody but sources assure us that drugs or alcohol are not involved. Stupidity is to blame... She will be released after questioning and after they carefully inspect her bump it.

Enjoy your day off!

It's Memorial Day. If you're indoors, on a computer, reading this blog - then you're a loser and need to go outside, start a BBQ, sit on a stoop and crack open a beer. C'mon! There won't be much blogging today. I will be busy memorializing. I suggest you do the same :)

Another Tara Reid encounter...

Umm...Corey and I had a celebrity sighting Sunday during brunch. Who did we see? Oh just the lovely TARA REID...again!! Seriously I've seen this bitch 3 times since I've lived here. And all three times she's been just a tad less than beautiful. As Keripedia said "she couldn't have at least brushed her hair?!". Exactly.

We spotted her at Sharkeez in Manhattan Beach. In fact we sat at the table right next to her. Corey actually asked her to move her purse so that we can use her extra chair. She glared and mumbled some words. I'm sorry - we didn't know your purse deserved a chair for itself. Fuck, I'd rather sit next to her purse than her...just sayin. Oh Tara - what happened?!

Sean Kingston gets into a jet ski accident

Rapper and Justin Bieber BFF Sean Kingston was in a jet ski accident Sunday in Florida. He crashed into a bridge with a female passenger on his jet ski with him. He is currently in critical condition in a Florida hospital. He is best known for his singles "Beautiful Girls" and "Burning on the dance floor". He also is a good friend of Justin Bieber's (Bieber and Rihanna have been tweeting about his accident all day). Get well Sean!!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

BUMp a smoke...

Are you sick of bumming cigarettes? Well now you can do it virtually! Just bump iPhones and give someone a cigarette. Once they get a full pack, they can redeem them for free at a store. Cigarettes and iPhones - my fave!!

The more you know...

We just played Scattirgories. Here are my favorite moments...

Category: something you put on your pizza that starts with a

Dan: Polished sausage.

Category: Presidents that start with an "O".

Corey: There is no one.
Mercado: Umm Obama?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Two girls kissing

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are on gaycay, err I mean vaycay. And they want the whole fucking world to know. Hence their very public displays of affection. Justin Bieber is such a Mary Kate Olsen. Look how skinny she is! Damn girl.

Women with men's chests


What a man...they don't make music the way he does anymore. Oh and did I mention that he performs in heels?!

Friday, May 27, 2011


I'm on a dancing kick today. My coworker and I have been swapping dance YouTubes all day and I wanted to share this one he sent over...check out these bboys kicking a whole bunch of ass.

Superstars of Dance

I don't know how many of you are into Latin Dancing, but you should be. This piece, performed by two contestants on Argentina's Superstars of Dance is absolutely incredible. The passion and the control and their ability to move together is pretty unreal. Check it out and then go have sex.
(fast forward the first few seconds to get to the dancing)

RIP Kenickie

Jeff Conaway was taken off life support today after being in a coma since May 11 (he overdosed on prescription pain killers).  He is best known for playing Kenickie on Grease and most recently starred on Celebrity Rehab.

Because this happens to EVERYONE...

Is this photoshopped?

The answer is definitely no.  Duh.

Barack Obama + David Cameron kissing in a tree...


Check out the Prez and the Prime Minister kissing...this is just a gay rights poster waiting to happen...

This is how the Japanese potty train their kids.

They show them this video.  It's so funny!  Bye Bye Wee Wee!! Just wait until the end...it just gets better and better...

What a headline!

I love LA Weekly.  Check out this headline!  To read the whole article CLICK HERE.  FYI the burrito has hash browns, hot sauce and chili.  Oh Ke$ha...

Thursday, May 26, 2011


I am FREAKING OUT right now this is so goddamn cute. Just watch. The whole thing. And then watch it again.

Groundbreaking television - H8R

The concept:  celebrities confront their haters (h8rs).  They watch video of them talking shit and then they yell at them about it.  Confused?  Watch Snooki confront a H8R.  Still confused?  Me too.  Oh AC Slater...Remember when you asked Jessie Spano to the prom and you guys got stuck in the broiler room and everyone was in cowboy outfits?  What a riot!

Overheard on G-Chat (Take 18)

Keripedia: um E! News on twitter just tweeted this: "Kardashian Drama: Kendall Jenner on birth control!"
Yes, she was on the cover of American Cheerleader Magazine.

Bieber gets a new tattoo.

And it means "Lesbian" in Hebrew.  Okay, not really.  It actually means "Jesus."  Geezus.


I have no idea what's going on in this picture but I think I like it.

Unclaimed Baggage

Do you ever wonder what happens to unclaimed baggage?  Welp, here's some video to show you.  This is after everyone goes through your shit of course...

Obama in Dublin

Obama was recently in Dublin and while saying hello to some citizens, he took some girls cell
phone and said hello to whoever was on the other line. Pretty neat! "Hello, this is President Obama. I just drank a Guinness"

This pooch really doesn't want a bath!

Hahahahaha.  This is adorable.

It's Asian Pacific American Heritage Month!

Bet you didn't know it!  It's okay, I'm Asian and I had no clue.  But to make up for it, you can buy me a McChicken.  And some chopsticks or something.

Here are some celebz you didn't know were Asian...

+  Keanu Reeves (Hawaiian and Chinese)
+  Rob Schneider (Filipino)
+  Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (Samoan)
+  Ne-Yo (Chinese)
+  Mark-Paul Gooselar...yes Zack Morris (Indonesian)
+  Enrique Iglesias (Filipino)
+  Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Korean)
+  Eddie Van Halen (Chinese-Malaysian)
+  Dean Cain (Half Chinese)
+  Vanessa Hudgens (Filipino and Chinese)
+  Chad Michael Murray...One Tree Hill (Japanese)
+  Nicole Scherzinger...Pussycat Dolls (Filipino)
+  Bruno Mars (Filipino)
+  KT Tunstall (Chinese)
+  Norah Jones (Indian)
+  Naomi Campbell (Chinese)
+  Michelle Branch (Indonesian)

Lil Waynes New GF

Lil Wayne has a new girlfriend and nobody really knows who she is. Her name is "Dhea" and apparently she's from Scotsdale, Arizona. She's allegedly a waitress who worked at a restaurant in AZ called Suede and she looks like she's pretty hot. Good for him.

I mean, it's not like Lil Wayne is the most enticing catch, but his money sure is-amiright?!

My coworker Sarah informed me that Lil Wayne is a Super baby daddy-he has like 10 children with 4 different ladies. Let's hope he doesnt knock "Dhea" up!!

Jewelry that Ke$ha would wear...

Ladies and gentlemen-
It's time for our installment of "Jewelry that Ke$ha would wear!!"  Are you as excited as I am?  Well you should be!  Today is Thursday which means tomorrow is Friday and it's a 3 day weekend!!  Yay!!  This post is dedicated to the one and only weirdo Ke$hballz.

+ Hair Bracelet:

+  Sperm in a jar necklace

+  Pimple ring

+  Teeth Collection Rings

+  And of course...THE VULVA NECKLACE

The Rent is TOO Damn High

Do you guys remember Jimmy McMillan who ran for Governor of New York in the "Rent Is Too Damn High" Party? Probably the most epic party to have ever been conceived in this great land. He didn't win, but I'm going to write him in for President in 2012. Sorry, Obama, this man makes a damn good point. The rent is TOO DAMN HIGH!

The guys who autotune everything (re: Bed Intruder, Double Rainbow) did it again with JImmy McMillan and it's pretty brilliant. Watch!

Told you Justin Bieber was a lesbian!

This was submitted by my friend Morgan...

Oprah says farewell.

Sidenote:  On Twitter yesterday, Oprah was a hot topic (trend if you will).  Some people were even complaining that they were missing the final Oprah episode because of "stupid tornado warnings."  Dear god.  FOLLOW @WORKITLA AND @MERCADOSAYS ON TWITTER!

Okay, so who watched Oprah's farewell?!!  I didn't.  But I heard it was sad.  I mean, that is 25 years to say goodbye to!  Lez bi honest though - are we really saying goodbye?  Hello OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network).  If you missed it, here's her farewell speech:

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Forever Alone

How depressing is this? This seat is made for one person eating and one person only. There's not even a potential for another person to squeeze in. I understand people go to restaurants by themselves and that's fine. I do it sometimes, too. But this booth, and sitting it it, is like highlighting the fact that you're alone. And, right in front of the window?! So everyone walking by can look in and feel sorry for you!?

Celebrities to get rid of extra baggage

JetBlue has asked celebrities to donate their old luggage to raise money for America's youth for the DoSomething project (I'm sure you've seen Sean Kingston talking about it on Hulu or something).  50 famous musicians, actors, and athletes have donated their signed carry ons, purses, briefcases, guitar cases, and baggage to the charity auction.  Starting today, you can bid on all of these used items until June 6th.  If you're really serious about this, you can go to Santa Monica Place where most of the items are on display.  They only way I'll bid on anything is if there's stacks of cash in it...

Lindsay Lohan has ginger nipples (NSFW)

No seriously, she does.  She was swimming under a waterfall recently and her bathing suit top all of a sudden slipped off.  To see the NSFW pic, continue reading after the jump!

Nap Time!

I can seriously watch this all day

Umm...this is amazing?  How many of you live in a studio apartment or are sharing a room with someone? You should probably hit up Core77 for some furniture.  They are calling it Space Saving Furniture and once you watch this video you will think it's the coolest thing ever.  I have a decent size room but I still want all of this furniture!  Seriously - watch this.  So cool!!

Save The Date!!

If you didn't figure it out, the rapture that was supposed to take place on Saturday didn't happen (I think).  Harold Camping (weirdo) has announced a new Judgement Day - mark your calendars for October 21st.  He said May 21 was an "invisible judgement day."  Well Mr. Camping, here's my "invisible" middle finger.

What Would You Write?

A friend recently emailed this over to me today and it struck me as one of the coolest and most unique ideas I've seen in a while. A public installation artist named Candy Chang found an old abandoned house in New Orleans, covered it with chalkboard paint and left spaces for people to write in what they'd like to do before they die. What an incredible way to get the public involved creatively and what way to get people thinking.

So, what would you write?