Oh snaps.

Welcome to the internets. Where most of you spend countless hours during the week. We get paid to sit in front of the computer and pretend to do work, but really, we're finding out what Lindsay Lohan had for breakfast and googling awkward pictures of cats. Here's a toast (a blog toast because drinking is NOT allowed during work...) to all of you 40 hours a week craftsmen. Because let's be honest, we are all craftsmen. Do you know how hard it is to quickly exit a facebook browser?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

KimYe gets engaged

Kanye popped the big question to Kim Kardashian last night, renting out the AT&T Stadium in San Francisco and inviting close friends and family.  Girrrrrrrr where was my invite?  Is it terrible that I thought he would do something way BIGGER for this epic proposal? Kongrats Kim and Kanye!